“GET SOME PLAYER!” is a saying we came up with, to be used like a rally call when you are pumping up your skating bro after she pulls off a badass trick she hasn’t ever done before or when your rooting for the quarterback when he is kicking ass and at the top of his game. GETSOMEPLAYER is a way of life, a form of survival with the only goal to win.

GETSOMEPLAYER is also evolving as a brand.


GETSOMEPLAYER “NrG” Organic Sports Beverage


App will geographically match up anyone wanting to meet and play or teach and learn music, games or sports by video conferencing or physically meeting.

GSPN:GetSomePlayerNetwork and the GETSOMEPLAYER brand’s products and services are perfectly timed with the birth of the gigantic market we’re calling the “Connected Generation”.”

— Patrick Burkhart, Founder of GETSOMEPLAYER INC.


GETSOMEPLAYER INC. is currently creating and implementing into the tech/social network market the project GSPN:GetSomePlayerNetwork. The functioning prototype, located at www.getsomeplayer.com, is a web and mobile app in development that is planned to geographically match up anyone with a “PlayerCard” to “Meet and play or teach and learn music, all types of games and sports with other gamers, athletes and rock stars by videoconferencing or physically meeting.”

This new social network is planned to be a “one stop shop” platform fulfilling not only customer’s social networking needs, but also providing physical, intellectual, fashion, musical, cultural, and even dietary needs with the creation of the exclusive GETSOMEPLAYER brand clothing line streetwear / gear, online radio station and music recording label, advertising and public relations agency, and entertainment production and promotion division. Plans then call for the creation and distribution of GETSOMEPLAYER energy drink and “ChakraBlast”, “ChakraNliteN” organic sports beverage lines as well as opening the first GetSomePlayerLive! an actual brick and mortar live music/gamer/sports bar venue and storefront then making that design available as a worldwide licensed restaurant and bar franchise opportunity.

“GETSOMEPLAYER INC.’s company slogan is: ‘Everyone is a PLAYER, What do YOU Play?’ which relays the details of our target audience: everyone with a mobile device”, states Patrick Burkhart Founder/President/CEO of GETSOMEPLAYER INC. “For the first time in history, there are more mobile internet devices than there are people on earth”, Victoria Burkhart, GETSOMEPLAYER INC. Secretary and wife of Patrick Burkhart reiterated.

GETSOMEPLAYER INC. and GSPN create the opportunity for lucrative market disruption opportunities with the wealthy and diversified new “Connected Generation” which consists of mobile technology in the hands of the fresh and expanding Millennial generation, combined with economically viable Gen Y and X, as well as the fleeting yet still very wealthy “Baby Boomer” generation.

“GSPN:GetSomePlayerNetwork and the GETSOMEPLAYER brand’s products and services are perfectly timed with the birth of this gigantic market we’re calling the ‘Connected Generation’,” Explains Founder and CEO of GETSOMEPLAYER INC. Patrick Burkhart. “GSPN:GetSomePlayerNetwork and GETSOMEPLAYER creates potentially unlimited growth opportunity with a new opportunity of potentially explosive financial investment returns over the next five years, placing the GETSOMEPLAYER brand in a preemptive position if there were to ever be a competition to be the next mega-brand for this new market.” Mr. Burkhart stated.

Barbara “Mother Hubbard”, long time concert and special event promoter for New Mexico State University in Las Cruces New Mexico, has been brought on to the team to help foster growth of GETSOMEPLAYER INC. and across as a liason with celebrities in the sports and entertainment industries.

“‘Mother Hubbard’ has been my greatest inspiration for this project. I really wanted to give thanks to her and contribute to her legacy in helping students like me to have a chance of getting involved with the exciting world of the entertainment industry,” Patrick Burkhart stated.

Countless original designs have been created by Founder/President/CEO Patrick Burkhart and are being used to create brand awareness utilizing consistent publication on the top social media networks includingFacebookTwitterInstagram, and flickr.

“Our products and services will be unique in the sense that the GETSOMEPLAYER brand owns and encompasses all of the products and services in the markets that we offer, whereas our competitors only offer fragments of our products and services.

GETSOMEPLAYER INC. was originally founded as a sole proprietorship on February 16, 2013 by Patrick A Burkhart of Phoenix, AZ. The website domainwww.getsomeplayer.com created on February 16, 2013 by Patrick A Burkhart with GoDaddy.com. On Feb 19, 2016 Patrick and wife Victoria Burkhart incorporated his business as an S corporation with the filing of the Articles of Incorporation with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

GETSOMEPLAYER on LINKEDN:https://www.linkedin.com/company/getsomeplayer-llc

GETSOMEPLAYER on INDEX:https://index.co/company/getsomeplayer-network-gspn

GETSOMEPLAYER on f6s: https://www.f6s.com/

About the Founder Patrick Burkhart: Angel Listhttps://angel.co/patrick-burkhart

For More Information: Patrick@getsomeplayer.com

Patrick Burkhart

email us here

GSPN:GetSomePlayerNetwork and GETSOMEPLAYER brand founder introduction

GSPN:GetSomePlayerNetwork Social Networking App and Much More Announced By GETSOMEPLAYER INC.

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